Don't Give up Hope

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The hope is fading, my heads imploding
All around me, is just exploding
In the battle I fight, where I try to succeed
My knuckles raw, with blood they bleed

The light is dimming, my chances fading
Defeat it looms, it is parading
With my mind I dig, where I must delve deep
To clear these problems, remove and sweep

The walls close in, my clock it ticks
Time is short, for me to fix
With options sparse, bereft of ideas
Slowly realise, my greatest fears

I turn and search, for answers seek
Strength is draining, feeling weak
My fingers claw, at the walls they scratch
My final chance, of escape to snatch

I hear the keys, and the lock it turns
All hope has gone, in flames it burns
The executioner, he guards the door
I refuse to crumble, fall to the floor

I stand so firm, look in their eyes
They look straight back, to my surprise
The war is over, you’re free to leave
Did I hear him right, could not believe

I stepped outside, how it was so bright
Although I thought, I had lost the fight
It goes to show, come rain or shine
That sometimes things, will turn out fine

Don’t give up hope.

A Tribute to David Frost
The Maltese Falcon Vol IV
Bullets of Deception

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