Bullets of Deception

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

With those bullets of deception, my patience were tested
Riddled with doubt, confused and infested
You tested and tried, with my mind played a game
But overall, I must take the blame

My guard was dropped, my thoughts elsewhere
But your next move, was beyond compare
With cunning guile, and deceit supreme
You were the cat, who got the cream

Moving with speed, much style and grace
We never met, face to face
E-mails sent, the letterheads came
Again it is me, who must take the blame

You moved in for the kill, I the victim was weak
The eyes said it all, no need to speak
The safe unlocked, the deeds were found
Those bullets were fired, the battleground

With inkwell and quill, the papers were signed
Who was the leader, the mastermind?
Wherever he was, he had achieved his aim
I know for sure, I must take the blame

The estate has gone, to history confined
Forget the bullets, I’ve an axe to grind
With someone who, I need to see
That person who, has cheated me

No face to see, no mind to read
Clearly no conscience, no blood to bleed
With subtle patience, he played a game
And with defeat, I take the blame

I have been conned, yes I have fallen foul
Of a predator, that’s on the prowl
With his teeth sunk in, and the prize is claimed
Don’t’ become, the one who’s blamed


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