Too Much Pain

a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

Note: Fictional song,

I keep looking through the window pane
And staring outside
At all of the rain
Falling side by side
But all I feel is loneliness again
It's driving me insane
Nothing left to gain
I'm in too much pain

Everyone's in pairs
And I'm on the sideline
I keep saying it's not fair
But they all think it's fine
And I don't think they notice me
It's like I don't make a difference
I'm too invisible to see
And I'm treated with indifference


I can see their faces
Their on to greater things
Brighter futures and places
And all the happiness that brings
But my phone never rings
I just listen while someone celebrating sings
Only they never hear me
And they never cheer me
Too caught up in their victory


"999 what's your emergency?"
I don't know
I need someone to save me
And make the pain go
It's all I know
And all I've known for too long
If it doesn't change I can't go on
I want to be gone

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