Full Circle

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The night is late, or is it the morning is young
Once bitten twice shy, I have been stung
My eyes cannot close, my mind is racing
Upheavals and struggles, the dilemmas I’m facing

One would have thought, I’d have learned from the past
Never repeat, last one was the last
But full circle it came, a certain déjà vu
Again for me, it was Catch-22

I looked at the options, I surveyed the mess
These were the issues, which I must address
Again on my doorstep, they had fallen like post
Why not anywhere else, coast to coast

I ruffled my hair, after I rubbed my eyes
To be quite honest, this was no surprise
The life I had led, the company I had kept
It would come back to bite, and slowly it crept

I could not shake off, this menace get rid
Run and run, I could never have hid
They would have always found me, track and locate
Yesterdays lowlife, the ones I hate

They were back and hassling, I was filled with fear
A life in crime, they had made a career
But now it was guns and knives and drugs
They had no morals, despicable thugs

I wanted out, could be no return
Tear up the past, set light and burn
But they would not listen, my pleas ignored
With grubby hands, they scratched and clawed

There was nowhere to run, I was spinning and turning
It was the hardest way, but I was learning
Now was the time, to say goodbye
Stand firm and say no, their orders defy

Tensions they rose, the heartbeat raced
The pulse it sprinted, at the dilemma I faced
They bullied and threatened, tried to impose
But the blue lights of police, forced them off on their toes

Since that day, I’ve never seen them again
Probably hung out, in some criminals’ den
I do not care, the past is the past
No more bites or stings, for me the last

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