Broken Lives of Children

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

You often asked the questions, many times you wondered why
How I’d simply fall and crumble, in a heap would break and cry
I’m sure you knew the answers, just scared to face the facts
Of why I fell apart, those brutal savage cracks

My nerves were shot to pieces, I’d jump at the slightest sound
Shivering with fright, my heart would beat and pound
Looking over shoulders, of shadows I was aware
A weak and troubled person, of anything I’d scare

The lack of conversation, my unwillingness to talk
Absolutely no cohesion, just like the cheese and chalk
Selective hearing’s one thing, you thought better not to pry
You must have seen it happening, yet turned with a blind eye

Your absence did allow, the room and time and space
For this menace to attack, for us our demon face
Silenced with the threat, of the fist and awesome blows
Perhaps you’ll realise, why my fear inside it grows

The chemistry between us, like the gas did vaporise
Disappeared completely, before your very eyes
The alarm bells never rang, although the signs were clear to see
Things they weren’t quite right, they were not trouble-free

The school reports they suffered, behaviour had gone wild
A picture slowly built, I was a troubled child
You put it down to drugs, shows how little you really knew
Called me a loose cannon, like the one at Waterloo

Had you actually been there, and witnessed at first hand
How badly we were treated, you may just understand
Instead you did ignore, through worry or pure fright
There can be no excuse, to let us from your sight

Your reputation meant more, there really is no doubt
The money it spoke volumes, a loud and boisterous shout
Forget the actual children, what eyes don’t see don’t hurt
No need to cause concern, or social services alert

A complete and utter disgrace, so shallow and lacking pride
Like the Queen in the counting house, you were money occupied
You put that money over mind, and them children they did suffer
Their lives completely ruined, you made it so much tougher

Taking children into care, is a duty first and last
To prevent them meeting harm, should be hard and fast
You dressed yourself in failure, the children paid the price
Broken all them lives, an evil sacrifice

These words they may be harsh, but my God they tell the truth
The broken lives that lay, they are the living proof
If time it could go backwards, if things could be rewound
These broken lives of children, could avoid this battleground

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