A New Dawn at Midnight

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

It was all smoke and mirrors
At least that’s how it felt
You promised the Earth
Made my heart melt

But you’ve left me shattered
Who’ll pick up the pieces
Fill in the cracks
Iron out the creases

There’s always a teardrop
Laying in my eye
A lingering question
Asking me why

With blood running cold
My heart does not beat
Things have turned sour
Drenched in deceit

I am unable to answer
The tongue does not work
Struck with dumbness
The memories lurk

Remember the teardrop
Laying in my eye
The breakdown is coming
I begin to cry

I feel so numb
So stupid and daft
Fell under your spell
Of evil witchcraft

A new dawn at midnight
A beacon of light
To yesterday’s problems
I say goodnight

The smoke is clearing
And the mirror is broken
The tears have stopped
At the words I’ve spoken

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