Cloud Nine

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

There’s a woman today who claims many things
Likes to boast about her hidden talents
These people they have the thickest of skins
And a mind which is full of imbalance

The stories she tells are spun so fine
A spider indeed would be proud
Just where does she live, it must be Cloud Nine
This really should not be allowed

She leads and preaches, creates false hope
Encourages the impossible to find
But with the failures, she cannot cope
The effects are most unkind

With no caring at all, she wields the axe
Luring her victims in
It’s almost as if it’s a Super Tax
Oh where, oh where to begin

To create these tales from an active mind
She surely will dig and delve
The saddest thing to which she’s signed
Is she actually believes it herself

The problem is, to where does this lead
Perhaps we should take pity
This woman, her stories she’ll live and will bleed
She’s the real life Walter Mitty

Don’t’ fall victim to a storyteller
You must fight her tooth and nail
In real life now, you must repel her
For it’s a fanciful fairytale

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