Let It Be A Love

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Let it be a love
Neither ethereal or eternal
Nor physical or artificial,
Simply a humane
With clarity of heart,
Selflessness of soul,
& creativity of mind;
To make life worth living
& to avoid what matters
Declines & defilements,
Hypertensions & depressions,
Frustrations & separations,
& finally to enjoy;
Fun making of lovers,
Rising & sinking Sun,
Fountain falls,
Full blanch moon
In starry nights,
Bouncing of dolphins
In the Ganges;
Seashores & flying planes,
Swaying of corn plants,
Hills & landscapes,
Chirping of birds &
Butterflies seating on flowers…
How beautiful is world
To live in !
& let life be a love.

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