July Jargon - An Alliteration of "J"!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

With June jointly juxtaposed to July,
jovial, jolly June days jogged by.
As jaded June bugs joyrode for a day,
the jealous Jackdaws joined in the fray.
This just as Jehovah’s Witness Joe, said Hi!
Jamboree jaunts jangled jungle grass near by,
where jackanapes, jocks and jovial Jills, jest
and joke, jockeying to jazzy tunes! With zest
they jeered at Jacks and Jills, whose jarred joints, justly jib
at joining juveniles in jackets, jumping ad lib!
John and Jack, jocks in jagged jeans, jostled nigh,
whilst on sunburnt joints, jabbering close by
Judy and Jacqui, two jinxes, rubbed Jasmine balm,
jumbled with Japonica and Jasmine, to cool and calm
the pain of their jaundiced skin, with jellied unction!
Just then at the juncture of the jam-packed junction,
a juggernaut jack knifed! Jumping the kerb it hit a car:
jolly janitor Jack’s Jade Jaguar - to leave a jagged scar.
Jamming the doorjamb, jeering, Jersey Joe drove away!
But justice held sway, Joe was apprehended one July day
Later journalists jotting jurisprudence judgements daily,
at judicial Criminal Courts, such as The Old Bailey,
heard the Jury say “Guilty as Charged”! You’re a jerk and Jackass
said the judge, jabbing his jittery finger at Joe! The judgement I pass
assigns you to jail! Three months in the Jug is justly justified!”
Jailers will jangle your chains, to ensure punishment is intensified!
I’m done in a jiffy, for just as I thought, as July enters so June jogs by!
Just a few alliterative observations of Jay, that caught my eye!!

Rhymer. June 28th, 2015.
(Boy! Was that ever one tough piece to write after
doing my alliteration for June).

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