Bees without Honey

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

My head rests gently in my hands
Mind is racing over plans
That I have made and want to complete
I swear to God, I won’t be beat

My pulse still beats, the sweat it pours
I realise that I’ve opened doors
To new beginnings, new chapters write
A thunderbolt, that sheds the light

The story starts, it’s just begun
Cards on the table, the dealings done
Arguments aplenty, but I hold the aces
The look of fear, upon their faces

The laws they quote, and still they fight
Not holding back, with all their might
Deep pockets they have, with long arms to reach
I wish they could practise, what they preach

The facts are clear, the history’s bad
Defendant’s conduct, is oh so sad
Try to bully, to pull and push
Drag you backwards, like through a bush

I then arrived, my case presented
It’s right to say they have resented
With no candour, with no grace
That they indeed, may lose face

The judge presiding, chose not to rush
He did not want this case to crush
Listened intently, I argued with force
Defence disagreed, no surprise of course

A litigant in person, yes I stood on my own
Strangely, I never felt alone
In my heart of hearts, I knew I would cope
I had all the belief, it was more than hope

To hope that someone, would not put a price
On a victim of, an act not nice
But low and behold, and yes it was a shock
They came across a stumbling block

Precedence is what they felt
Needs to be trusted and must be dealt
So what they’re saying, no matter what
No smoke without fire, a chimney pot

A decision is reached, of which I disagree
They think it’s about the winning fee
So I tell them straight, it’s not the money
It’s not the bee that gets the honey

The look on their faces, you wouldn’t believe
Behaving like Fagin, they could not thieve
They smiled and nodded, my God content
Such a wrong message, they have sent

It seems I have lost, yet strangely I’ve won
Having showed them who is the guilty one
I’ve won the money yes, but I’ve paid the price
But in their fees they’ve charged me, not twice but thrice

And so the battle will continue now
Will I find the energy, yes not sure how?
But I will fight the cause, it may take a while
To beat the evil paedophile

It’s not the money, there’s no pot of gold
Straight down the river, I have been sold
How is justice, this way achieved
When a victim so cruelly, is not believed

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