Knocking of 1930

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

1930 !
A Black Hole,
From the sky
Of starry nights
Dazzling the world;
Sunk in borrowed delights,
Imported comforts,
Enchanted Protectionism
In changing life-styles
With dissolving bond
Of morality & economy,
In debt glows,
Unemployment blows;
Halt in Production,
Down-turn in markets,
And slashing of stocks;
Thwarted by terror-tune
& Red commune,
Is knocking at the door.
Russia in economic sore,
Italy & Brazil in corridor,
Just in way to Greek fall
China & Germany on alert-call;
USA afraid of 2008’s gall,
All are moving to
Slip slump slot
Drip drop drought.
1930 !
A Black Hole
From the sky
Of starry nights,
With dazzled delights,
Imported comforts,
Is knocking at the door,
To drag life to curses four:
Hunger, humiliation, hell & whore.

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