The Well is Empty

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

A burning furnace, the fire stoke
Shattered dreams, all up in smoke
Ambition halted, the red light shines
Access denied, a field of mines

With barricades, the fences high
The well is empty, has run bone-dry
People walk, but their heads are bowed
These people once, were very proud

The money’s gone, those cupboards bare
Air is deep, filled with despair
Clouds close in, the storms they brew
Hatches battened, a tightened screw

People homeless, nowhere to sleep
Grown men, on their knees weep
There are no jobs, the future’s bleak
No place to run, no hide-and-seek

And all because, they wanted to
Become part of, the great EU
The price they’ve paid, is oh so harsh
As they slowly sink, in a quick-sand marsh

With hands outstretched, for help they plead
The voice it crackles, with blood does bleed
Upon deaf ears, these calls they fall
These people over, hot coals will crawl

A union, which was created
Has turned its back, has abdicated
Deserted people, in their final hours
It’s money that runs, the EU powers

Greece had problems, the EU did not untangle
The EU in return, did the carrot dangle
The Greeks they bit, the EU did not have to accept
Over the threshold, the Greeks they leapt

Now the chips are down, with times so tough
The Greeks are driven, into the rough
This cannot be right, in the name of humanity
Because it’s money that propels, the EU vanity.

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