Stuck Between a Hard Place and a Rock

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

My memory serves me far too well
I cannot forget the past
The head with thoughts begins to swell
In iron they are cast

Is it punishment or am I blessed
That my memory is so clear
Completely joyous or left distressed
As the truth it does appear

The imagery that I can see
Is clear and so defined
A picture of the first degree
My memory does remind

The pain I feel reaches deep
To the ocean floor beyond
Sometimes I crumble in a heap
Wish this memory would abscond

Wring my hands and grit my teeth
My memory I try to block
I cannot sink or go beneath
Stuck between a hard place and a rock

Treading water I stay afloat
But like the shadow my memory’s there
Gasping for air a knotted throat
So taunting this affair

When I’m asleep the memory haunts
If awake it plays a game
The nightmare bites and the threat it taunts
I must this devil tame

I raise my head and close my eyes
The cold enters my bone
My stomach invaded with butterflies
This is my life I’m not alone

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