a poem by Anjani George, India

Still not, the night, hear
Chirping of crickets
Croaking of toads
Pit pattering of rain
To keep me company
Doze they say, repose
Slogging days are over
Put your mind to rest
Fared well in life you have
Your offspring well off
Wise investor, sound stock
Well in health and mind
A thought nagging seeps in
Idle I remain, hereafter?
Wasteful days in anticipation?
Watchful eyes to wait in hope?
For you, child, a visit a year
A week is most you can spare?
What of the remaining days
The roots of unrest deepening
Faith or philanthropy,
Writings or odysseys
A resolve is what I need
An aim to achieve
There’s more I can do
The end is still away

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