My First Love

a poem by tailang taya, India

God's creations....mysteries hold
Mysterious mystery...the 1 dats never sold.
Of such 1 is da love
As it sends ur heart...resting in a cove.
Da feelings 1 dat never feels
Joyous experience...a tinking sensation feels.
And such a feeling b4 was never borne
And as if a new feeling...da feeling of love is born.
For lov as such a mystery hold
Da 1 I told....da 1 dats never sold.
For we lov with our eyes da heart can see
N not with da eyes with which we always see.
And thus dis lov a goodness sees
Even in da worst...deserving imprisonment overseas.
And dis I speak with encountered experience
And not with a big mouth's inexperience.
So den brothers! Let ur hearts fly n see da lov
Dats waitng....waitng 4 ur lov.
And 4get nt in lov ur smile
For sometimes to get dat lov...we hav 2 walk an extra mile.

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