a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

Flip flip flip...the epileptic breeze ooze,
Amidst the fingers that caress the brew brown notes.
What page shall thou lay down thy eyes,
What page shall thy astonished lips sing.
Just one wish,to do all you wish...

You've never been to this part of the world,
Seemingly contained,yet very vast on sojourn.
There are no green paths in this world,
The red is no danger,neither is it safety.
The blue prints thrills your thirst to hunger,
O...different shades of black, would you be bold till finish...

The front yard gloats over the backyard,
The middle,so good to exploit their desperation.
Even the god is perplexed,
The meanings she intended are somewhat lost overtime.
A titanic dance.., A serene twist...,
Which is your thirst...,which do you hunger.
Fore plays would do no good nor harm,
Though an intense bite to get it sunk.

Yeah that face you offer again,
Like one sipping on fire,plaqued with varying moods.
Alas you make a let all out as one..
Scared to think your thoughts,
The god is unapologetic, justified is she...
Her prints,a bond even death does no part.,
For these she will imprint on the platform of your hearts.

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