a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

There are six eyes staring at no stars,
Rolling all alone in the dark.
I wonder what their leprous minds be thinking,
Wide or tied be it their eyes...sleep still is scarce.
A pair is creepy,
A pair is wide,
A pair is perplexed.
Each pair trying to second guess another's thought,
Each pairs craving is to sneak a peep at the other without being caught.
The creep is trying so hard to fake a sleep,
The wide wanting a groan so loud enough to provoke tears,
The perplexed wonders why it choose to be here.
Since the sleep is scarce,
And the night is long,
Why won't they wink at another...
Why won't they say hello...
Why rumble in bed,
Why rumble at heart.

*****i had a spat with two of my friends last night, we all couldn't sleep,yet we wouldn't talk to each in the midst of all the silence, I came up with this piece...we good now though...hope you enjoy the poem...I represent the eyes who is wide though.

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