My total security

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

My total security is not in gold,
Nor is it in my bank,
Nether do my lands hold it,
Yet for sure it's in his hands.

He has got whole world in his hands,
I too am in his hands,
When he can manage the whole world,
He can manage even me you understand.

Father and the Son share a bond of care,
Why don't you understand,
Nothing can happen to the son,
Father has a Master plan.

Father has led me in his light,
Day after day I see His plan,
Every day in Our Father,
I see his promise doth stand.

Hold on Him He cannot fail,
Hold on him He always prevails,
What more do you need my dear ones,
His love can never fail.

The poem that I shared with you today is my answer to all who rely on financial security. 
For me my security is. On Christ the solid rock I all other ground is shifting sand all other ground is shifting sand.
Written by
R.A Jacob

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