Remove the Chains

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

It was tears of anguish, as their eyes did weep
In battle, to try their trade to keep
Across the seas, spanning the oceans
Sweating with blood, obstructive motions

The Lords would speak, and these issues debate
Furious reaction, anger create
Pockets were lined, from this curious trade
Must not surrender, put up a blockade

Forget the morals, but remember the wealth
Hold no regard, for the sailors' health
And when they land, they flock to the field
Values of these lives, the work they yield

After a while, emerged a politician
Who would endlessly fight, without condition
To halt this lunacy, and demand an end
He was very committed, he did not pretend

Come to the fore, William Wilberforce
Empire and colonies, from this menace divorce
Stop the ships, and clear the decks
Remove the chains, from around their necks

With those of privilige, it was a mighty battle
To get them to realise, that people aren't cattle
Rise above party politics, and find in your heart
Stop this cruelty, from this world depart

Finally in 1807, in British colonies
Slavery was abolished, brought those Lords to their knees
However the abolition, was not entirely complete
Still the slaves, could be heard on their feet

To parts of the Empire, the law did not apply
Slavery still existed, had not said goodbye
Despite a groundswell of public opinion, Parliament refused
Again the masters, their servants abused

Wilberforce continued, he campaigned all the more
In 1833, the Act came into law
The Abolition of Slavery, was now on the statute book
Ambition was realised, no matter how long it took

So he finally succeeded, where others had failed
And three days later, his final breaths exhaled
But he never gave up, to make this world a better place
Regardless of origin, or colour of face

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