a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Life is full of ups and downs,
It’s like a roller coaster, with all its turn around.
Sometimes it’s a picture of melancholy
While sometimes it smiles at you joyfully.

Life is full of opportunities,
So live it up with serenity.
Accept the changes as it comes,
And never cry on your lost runs.

Life is a duty, face it.
Whatever it gives, take it.
Never think that something is impossible,
‘Coz you have the power to make things possible.

Life is a bundle of challenges,
It’s not always a bed of roses.
Forget about the obstacles which comes your way
And in life learn to keep sorrows at bay.

Life is full of love, it’s as elegant as a dove,
It has happiness in bountiful measures
And precious memories we love to treasure.

Life is like a bouquet of flowers,
Beauty it always showers,
In life never lose heart,
And always try to make a new start.


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