Reset Now

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Reset Now
Time is right now
Hold, behold & think
The world is changing
Fast in patterns of living,
Mode of planning and working
With new know how,
Time is right now.
Dream afresh & potent
How long will be keeping?
Importing, mining & deforesting
For competence, progress & earning
With old know how,
Time is right now.
Quit, set & reset old & new:
Researches, farming & trading
To prove your acts for your being,
Ideals & sciences for restructuring;
The welfare know how,
Time is right now.
Think, view & review,
Love, honour and praise
Who work, fight & write to erase
Vices & villainies for human coverage;
& for Nation’s glory & glow,
Time is right now.

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