Who made that Silly camera

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Who made that Silly camera,
It sees what it should not see,
Every one is afraid of it,
It never hears our plea.

Who made it ,who made it ,
Just tell me for sure,
You have robbed the people,
Who portray themselves to be pure.

You robbed the robed,
Like a mirror you are for sure,
Yet you record and keep in store,
That makes you concrete all the more.

Please don't rob the world ,
Of all who boast to be pure,
Or we will have nobody to boast,
Or we will have no body to boast.

The Word is clear and true,
All have turned from the Lord,
No not even one seeketh Him,
All have turned from the Lord.

Hold your peace and learn an art
Facts of life
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Oliver Paul Jacob
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