Challenges To The Poets( Revised version)

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Challenges to the poets
On the canvass of self,
Are to use words proper
To set contents he plans,
Emotions what he meets,
Feelings & experiences,
Wills & thoughts he has;
Circumstances he finds,
Burns in the fire of own,
Agonies of suffering lot,
Disgraces and despairs,
Shocks of the commons,
Defeating terror–shots,
Rising threats & crimes
Making the nation bleed
Challenges to the poets
On the canvass of self,
To paint words in order,
Print dreams and hopes,
To cure pains & panics;
With a brush of mind,
To produce the design
Of soul’s humanizing,
Of heart’s beautifying
And of messaging love,
Peace, joy & harmony
In the ink of romances
& the writing of graces
To regain missing one
& to evolve something
New, fresh & growing.

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