a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

When danger beckons
When the sound of your heart beating is louder
Than the screams swimming in the air
When you taste the cold kiss of death on your skin on a sunny afternoon
When you feel your brain running low on air
Happily embracing darkness that your body is trying so hard to fight off
Believe me
Thats when living makes most sense!

(My friend and I had a nasty accident yesterday.We closed the office early decided to go on a road trip;It was a really beautiful sunny Monday!(Been really cold lately)
Anyway,the brakes on our car failed!
Am fine now,still pretty shaken but I thank God we didn't kill anyone and we did not die either but I swear it pretty close to that!
Anyway point is,enjoy each day as if it is your last,it could be just that;Your last!)

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