a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

I had a home,you know?Home!
Good morning was pancakes and the rich aroma of black tea
Oh!And the occassional sound,shouts rather
By my beautiful mother roaring;
"Wake your a** up young lady!"
"Don't make me come get you...!"
Haha!All the way from downstairs!Haha

I had a home,you know?Home!
Drama and laughter would fill the corridors
Oh!And daddy's den
Full of old books,literature,history and philosophy mostly!
I still smell those old mohagony shelves and scotch
Daddy loved his scotch!
Haha!On a good day he would let me sip!Haha

I had a home,you know?Home!
Hmmm!Music class and gardening was,was...
I had a home!
I was loved!
I belonged!
Now I spend every minute looking up to every stranger
Water,a slice of bread,space in your quarter,please?
Looking out for preying eyes that wish to sell me or send me for dope
Looking out for uniform and police that want to take me back
Rubbles and bricks?
Gun fire,bombs and smoke
Blood and death

I had a home,you know?home!
Bed,roof over my head
even a dog!
Haha!we had joy and laughter
Bad times too but it was home!
Now after weeks packed up like maize stacks on a shaky boat
'Cross deadly waters of the sea
Here I am
unwanted and cold
In this I thought,a new home.

I had a home,you know!Home!

(Inspired by Elizabeth O.piece,'REFUGEES'

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