Taking the Moral high Ground

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I listen and read, then I watch and learn
The murders continue, the buildings they burn
Order eroded, havoc runs amok
The tinder box ticking, can be heard from the clock

Respect has vanished, dignity depleted
The enemy’s evil, is slowly secreted
All power has fallen, vigilantes they reign
The hurt and derision, the agony and pain

The roads fill up, the exodus begins
As they leave the land, of their origins
They don’t look back, cannot bear to see
That the land they love, they have to flee

Across the seas they travel, the deserts of sands
As they try to survive, complete their plans
Their strength is sapped, as sanctuary they seek
Many they fall, they are too weak

New borders are reached, real hope provided
But then the problems, cultures collided
Governments speak, offer rays of hope
The ultimate question though, how will they cope?

Any country which absorbs, half a million or more
Through an immigration policy, that’s so open door
Should carefully think, on public opinions reflect
Just how these events, will harmony affect

Of course the right thing, is to aid and assist
Bring food and water, a medicine list
Clothing and housing, the best peace of mind
As we try these people, new lives to find

Each story is said, to always have two sides
A policy if rushed, will create divides
I am afraid this will happen, if we continue to ignore
Our own who are struggling, the homeland poor

I hear people urge, we need to help refugees
Bring them to England, must answer their pleas
Give them a house, and give money to spend
On English charity, they can always depend

Ok but then, what about the man at the bottom of the street
Who is homeless and hungry, no shoes on his feet
He lives in a tent, or at best park bench
Unable to wash, a lingering stench

In fact he’s such a stench, when he’s struggling for food
You sneer and turn, and in fact are quite rude
He don’t get any help, the government look for ways out
Fiddle and second place, in my mind there’s no doubt

As I’ve said, yes let’s help these people
With our generous charities, buildings with steeple
But before we do, we should never forget
The ones born here, there’s a national debt

Before International Aid, let’s get it right at home
Follow the Romans, like they do in Rome
Or face the consequences, which may not be far away
Where the Nationalists rise, Civil War has its day

There are those of you, who this will not please
May say I am ignorant, don’t understand refugees
I say to you pause, yes seriously think
Before this country collapses, does seriously sink

Taking the moral high ground, is the easy way out
Anyone with sense, this will not doubt
Because when there’s a downturn, and this country’s not able
To give you electric, or put food on the table

Have a roof over your head, hot water to wash
Basic civil rights, gradually squash
Perhaps even your children, to go to school
Who will end up, feeling the fool?

When the kids come home, not the native tongue speak
That havoc I mentioned, will in England wreak
And the warning I mention, I repeat more and more
We won’t be that far, from Civil War

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