Habiba Qureshi

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

In memoriam

How can it be,
A student of mine,
Bid farewell to the world,
I consider this fact many a time,
Bold ,beautiful and bright,
Almighty God had His own plan's.

Question not oh soul of mine,
You know little, so do I,
Rest in His will sublime
Every plan of his is acceptable,
So hold your peace my life,
How and why has no value now
I leave all queries to Divine.

I wrote this poem for Habiba Quershi a student of mine. On the the eighth day of September 2015. I remember Habiba as the main cast of my Christmas play she played the part of Elizabeth.
Wishing peace to all the near and dear ones. Amen.

In memoriam
Oliver Paul Jacob
Tell me if you are an angel
All my poems
Hold your peace and learn an art

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