a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines


I've been doing things that made me blind
seeing people's fault as I leave them behind
I thought I'd be free from their criticism
But I suddenly feel I'm no longer their concern

I am responsible of all my actions
I am not being careful of handling my emotions
I've been distracted with own my words
hatred rule over me that made me proud

I just came to realize everything
that I am trap with this nonsense doings
their goodness hit my guilt deeply
That crumpled my heart as I've thrown them away

No matter how I've tried to reconcile
I just can't let go my pride
I love them all as my family
But I am the one who starts the negativity

Help me to surrender everything in your hand
be my strength hold me with your palm
For I am lost when I let go your plan
As I myself in nowhere no one I can stand

I know that God seen what I've done
To destroy the body the unite as one
In you O LORD, I kneel down and cried
Forgive me for I have been so bad...

to God be the glory..


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