a poem by Olomolehin John, Nigeria

In your eyes, there is a flame
Piercing, pre-warning and persistent
Burning with the tenacity of an eagle
To passersby, your aura evokes a second look
To curious observers, you are a cat with nine lives
And to those you've touched,
Your qualities are the unmistakable texture of
A passionate idol
You stand tall with striking beauty
And your fruity voice speaks
Every word distinctively
Emitting bubbles of magical bond to listeners
Like constant splashes
Of trickles from a fountain in a windy day
You are a lighthouse
Even in the cloudy, lonely and stormy nights
That batter the sailors' schemes
You will breathe and blink on
With vigour
'Cause you have been fashioned
To withstand the tempests
And still fulfill your destiny.

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