a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Self of the host,
Parched in fire ghost
When the passions post
Pains of past glories lost,
Burns of desires for the gone;
Detracted, deluded & blown
In paroxysm of parasites,
Revels of symbionts.
& in failures of
Individual paregorics
For relief and revivals;
Is haunted and thwarted by
Gnomes of perplexing problems,
Ghosts of memories,
Apparitions of fear cops,
Serpents of awful dreams,
Witches of glamour for ill-gains,
Salamanders of fakes and frauds.
Leeches of faulty systems,
Demons of brotherhood;
Sucking the weak,
& the good,
Make self of the host,
See no sylphs and Spirits
But ghosts, gnomes & witches,
Salamanders, scorpions & leeches,
Demons, devils, parasites & symbionts.
Self of the host,
Ill-treated & ill-lucked,
Feel transforming to ghost,
Wavering discontented in the air;
Echoed with howling of dogs & jackals,
Yowling ol cats & hooting of owls,
Stutters of guns & blasts,
Wailing of the injured,
Robed, raped
& ignored.

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