Tell me if you are an angel

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Tell me if you are an angel,
If not why do you walk on this earth,
Why do you turn this heart of mine,
From heart to hearth.

Beauty beyond compare,
I stare,stare,and stare,
Yet couldn't ever share,
Never dared to share.

Your presence imparts,
Beauty to the world,
Don't you ever underrate,
Don't mind if I couldn't communicate

You will never know,
You will never understand,
Many facts can't be shared,
Even if hand's reach hand's.

What a complicated world is this,
We talk but do not share,
Some die in their loneliness,
Others find it hard to share

Every letter should not be mailed
All my poems
Habiba Qureshi

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