Ask No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Forget about the cow that jumped over the moon
And Dorothy that flew in the hot-air balloon
Hansel and Gretal who were lost in the woods
The three little pigs and those Robin Hoods

Wake up to the world and real life issues
Deep flowing tears and much needed tissues
No money in the bank with no food on the table
To feed your family you are unable

At the end of the rainbow there is no pot of gold
Your dreams aren’t real so break the mould
Away with the fairies and flying so high
Come crashing to Earth to a land bone-dry

Jobs are scarce and difficult to find
A long winding road, a difficult grind
Not stinking of alcohol, eyes not blurred
Be clear and concise so you’re not misheard

You’ll lose your house, no roof over your head
No place to rest, to sleep no bed
Unable to wash, clean clothes no more
Avoid like the plague, don’t draw the short straw

Streets aren’t paved with gold, don’t believe the hype
Reject poisonous apples, especially those that are ripe
Jekyll and Hyde will always jump out and surprise
So ask no questions and they’ll tell you no lies

No money in your pocket, no job to work
Your mind going crazy, you’re going berserk
Your stomach it rumbles with no food to eat
Prepare for life stuck on the street

You’re smoking like a trooper and it’s affecting your mind
Perhaps time to stop and slowly rewind
The pills that you take or the injections you do
Make people avoid you, a subject taboo

In the end it’ll beat you, you’ll end up in the gutter
Striving for breath, choking a splutter
People will look and they’ll think drink and drugs
Most will turn their eyes with shoulder shrugs

Now you’re on you own with nowhere to turn
Say no to silver paper with a spoon and burn
Start a new life, knock the old on the head
Otherwise all alone you’ll be found stone dead

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