Back Tracking

a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

In khaki colours you appear
in random manner in my dream,
and as I peek behind the door
unsure that I've been here before,
I see an army truck draw near.
And from its rear I hear the shouts
of Squaddies as they push you out,
in laughter while they wave to me.

It's Daddy and he's home for tea.
Descending concrete steps I run
along the dirt track where you scoop
me high above your short cropped hair.
In clockwise movements round and round,
an airplane found in stacking mode.
My cotton checkered dress of blue
brought safely down to land on ground.

Oh how the decades simply fly,
and late last night I can't deny
how pleased I was that I should find
within the confines of my mind
my Daddy. How you made me smile,
returning briefly for a while
when older me peeled back the years
locating us in byegone times.

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