Alliteration of “O” for October.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Omnipotent omnipresent October, opens our eyes,
summer is over! Overhead, ominous opaque skies,
occasionally open to offer older observant officials
opportunities to observe objects orbiting in outer space,
through optimum openings in occluded clouds.
Originally objects orbiting ovally, objected to
observations by outdated, obtrusive optical devices.
Ordinarily, such observed objects, were only objectively
seen through orifices of obsolete and older ocular inventions.
Optometrists, ophthalmologists, oculists and opticians
openly overstated optic needs, to outdo others on occasion.
Opportunists often opined to offer oddball orders on overt oeuvres
ordered, if overseen by overlords or overweight orderly orderlies!
Opposition oft-times overreacted, or occupied other operational ploys:
organising off-limit ordnances, to oust obstinate obsequious oafs!
Outbursts of orange ochre, obviously outshines other obscure olivine tones,
or overpowers occupants of opulent occupancies, whilst ominous obscenities,
oblige officious officers, on occasion, to officiate on obdurate orders.
Osteopaths oft operate only on odd offbeat osseous tissue, or owners
of offensive odoriferous odours, who obviously offer no olfactory options..
Occidentals often opt to offer oriental operatic orchestral offerings,
to occupational Oxford onlookers, on an Oxonian organ recital occasion.
Oops! Obviously it’s time to give my “O” alliteration, an outstanding ovation!

Rhymer. October 2nd, 2015.
Like them or hate them, composing an Alliteration is a sure way to learn new words and exercise the Little Grey Cells, and that is my primary reason for composing them!

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