Light a candle,pray for their souls......inspirational challenge

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

The joy of teaching is this,
When you burn a candle,
That has ceased to glow,
And you earn that candles love.

Every time I make a candle glow,
I thank Him for this art,
Lightening the flame of glory,
In each and every heart.

How blessed we are to be apart,
In moulding the Tiny hearts,
One day they will be fruitful,
As we play our blessed part.

Every candle has a room, to light,
We play that blessed part,
Lightening the heart of people,
Brightening each and every heart.

Every time I see the joy in your life,
It Fills me with great joy,
To see that sign of approval,
I all my talent employ.

Seek and ye shall find
God's love and spiritual poems
Paris I weep with you
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