The River Of Time (To her that never was mine)

a poem by tailang taya, India

It was first beside the river bank
My eyes upon thee I cast
Enchanted dazed the river stopped
When I first beheld thee on that bank
The endless sands of The River Of Time.

My heart unrest;
I lay distressed
Upon that warm,warm sand.
I knew me best; I wouldn't rest
Till thy sight; My thrist it quenched
On that bank of,The River Of Time

I waited long for thee to come
And hope I planted upon the sands.
I watched it grow,as the river flowed.
I watched its springy blossom,
And on it the autumn hang
On that bank of,The River Of Time

I lay in rags besides my tethered bag.
The tree lay aged upon the sand.
I hav waited all the life would let ,
And now I join the river's flow&
But I let slip a seed of hope;do come back
On that bank of,The River Of Time.

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