November Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Nuts to October, now November is newly here!
Nobody likes November, but it’s needless fear,
for it’s nothing but a natural, nebulous veneer!
Never think November a nonessential nonentity,
nor a naturally nonsensical, negative month.
Nothing’s further from the truth nowadays.
Never underestimate, November’s notion of fun,
nor think it a nonentity of negligible noonday sun.
Necessary needs we neglect to notice, namely nuts,
mature neatly in nice, nifty numbers. Needless to say,
nobody needs negative news on numbing November days.
Nevertheless, there are numerous natural nuances to note.
Naive neighbours notice nude narcissistic natives dancing
naked, except for a needed necessity - a nappy nicely placed!
Nonetheless, nobody notices notorious neophyte nudes necking
nor noisome noxious, nauseating nincompoop ninnies!
Next to normally nervous navvies, negotiating nimbus nodes,
numerous newsagents nurture nuisance newscasts. Nestling
in nondescript nooks, near natty neanderthal nests, no name
nobodies nudge and needle, napping nay-sayers non-stop.
Nipping nastily, nervy nobles, nerds, “noblesse oblige,”
and nimble neurologists, neutralize and nettle ninety
naughty newts, nightly! “Nil desperandum” niminy-piminy Nina
declares. Not if Norwegian nimblewits stay in a niche, under stairs!
Now that’s numerous November’s niceties, don’t you agree?
Which has proven more than enough “N” alliteration for me!

Rhymer. November 2nd, 2015.

It's time I stopped writing these, as I'm running out of words, and I need them for more serious poetry! Lol! If it doesn't make rationale reading? Blame it on November - not me!

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