Knocking of Massacre Monsters

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

My heart bleeds again
When hear of the sudden
Saddening sardonic steps
Of death dragons of blasts,
Bloodshed & bone cracks
To smear beauty & peace
& to celebrate the ceremony
Of butchery & beastly bigotry
In the name of war for religion,
Jehad though a war for wealth
Capture & over rule humanity.
My soul gets hurt again
When the massacre occurs
We express grief & sit idle
How much we shall compensate
And how long we shall tolerate
The loss of citizens & saviours
And the future super brain.
I weep again
When I see Judas
In persons & parties
In roaring uproar of
Overdressed ostentations
Of advocacy for human right,
Tolerance and democracy &
To extend all help to killers
Of God’s sons.
Our prayer for peace of
Departed soul shall be true one
When we shall be at one platform
Of fight for human welfare,
Progress & prosperity of every nation
& to sustain configuration of loyalty,
Geography of unity &
The dynamism of nationality.

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