The Man on a Soapbox

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I was walking down the street, only the other day
When I stopped and overheard, what this zealous man did say
He seemed to lack direction, and his words were void of sense
There was plenty of volatility, as he didn’t sit on the fence

I pretended to mind my business, as I listened to his word
Honestly have to say, utter nonsense so absurd
He was preaching this and that, a warrior to the cause
Exploring all the avenues, opening new doors

A crowd began to gather, so his voice became much louder
Indeed an explosive speech, only missing the gunpowder
He screamed about the Government, their methods of taxation
Appalled and deeply worried, about the state of our great nation

The NHS is crippled, our children are badly taught
The trains are in a mess, as is all of our transport
The jobless can’t find work, and the immigrants we persecute
Politicians can’t tell the truth, a state of disrepute

Our roads are a disgrace, there are potholes everywhere
Is anybody listening, only Europe seems to care
The police force has been stripped, right down to the bare bones
Safety of the public, one of the British cornerstones

Houses have stopped being built, and builders are on the retreat
People are being forced, to sleep down on the street
But millions have been wasted, housing benefit and private rents
There is no logic in their madness, in this there is no sense

Then he started on defence, and the Trident missile plan
Straightaway I saw, of this he was no fan
There wasn’t much more else, he could really moan about
But he certainly didn’t stop, of his beliefs he’s so devout

He wanted everything solved, but solutions they have a price
We all want an ideal world, to live in paradise
But in order to pay for these things, we all have to pay a tax
And this my soapbox speaker, are the downright boring facts

The answers are always painful, and unpopular at the very best
But common sense is the principle, to these matters must be addressed
Migration must be controlled, from the EU we must depart
And the man on the soapbox, this is only the very start

Further to the issue of Trident, every government has a role to play
The safety of their citizens, they cannot this betray
A deterrent it does deter, without it vulnerable
Like waving the white flag, or a red rag to a bull

Then he wants all these improvements, but he also wants an open door
On the policy of immigration, keep inviting more and more
Economics is supply and demand, too little and too great
The people and this principle, we cannot accommodate

International Aid, twelve billion pounds a year
It’s clear we can’t afford this, my God this is so clear
With people we’ve been flooded, especially the last two decades
To Tony Blair we bow, the sarcastic accolades

Europe’s always an issue, the EU is a joke
Around our neck they cling, slowly induced choke
Around fifty-five million a day, and yes that money’s real
Could be better spent, a situation not ideal

More controls on immigration, the incredible demand reduce
Things must then get better, there can be no excuse
The jobless total falls, perhaps even wages they will rise
Remove the unemployment stress, over which people agonise

The reasons for my lines of thought, you are invited to scrutinise
As once they’re understood, I hope opens your eyes
More people we have in work, the less we have claiming the dole
Tax returns increase, to the Exchequer they do roll

Reduce the benefit system, housing benefit just pays too much
Always keep connected, to the real world keep in touch
Forget the private landlords, social housing I do decree
And yes my soapbox speaker, on this I do agree

From the European Union leave, swiftly wave goodbye
Twenty billion a year, as it bleeds us bone-dry
Add the International Aid, and the total quickly grew
Millions will be gained, and new policies can ensue

The infamous EU red tape, and the way that it directs
From the houses of Strasbourg, debatable effects
We are an island state, we must our borders protect
The Palace of Westminster, is our law architect

So if immigration is controlled, and the borders are taken back
The billions stop leaving the country, the future is not so black
Pressures removed from services, the housing stock returns
People stop living on streets, keeping warm by the fire that burns

Less pupils in each class, allows more time to concentrate
Improve the education, and the students captivate
Jobs are more available, and less benefit is claimed
People walk with dignity, instead of feeling shamed

All this money that we are saving, it can be reinvested
To the police and the NHS, as has been suggested
In the roads fill all them holes, get the trains and busses better
If you follow it to a T, you have the perfect letter

So really the equation is, two and two makes four not five
It really is so simple, in order to survive
Immigration must receive scrutiny, building of houses must escalate
And the people back into work, will slowly accelerate

Tax returns they will go up, benefit claims go down
Reversing all the policies, of Chancellor Gordon Brown
The Exchequer has more to spend, the country no longer in debt
This winter of discontent, we slowly can forget

So the reduction in pressures, on teachers and nurses
Will improve the services, get rid of the curses
Job markets are healthy, people have places to live
To the expensive landlord, we don’t have to give

Policemen can police, and safety returns
The country defended, beacon of hope it burns
Dignity jumps out, shame is a thing of the past
Political correctness, is finished at last

It’s called getting your own house in order, listen to my voice
Before the olive branch extends, to any people of choice
And don’t forget the fishermen, and the shepherds with their flocks
Perhaps I should go and buy, my very own soapbox

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