December Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Drab December dropped in overnight!
November departed, disappeared from sight.
Dark days, depressingly drab; dismally damp
depress daylight lovers, and dozens decamp
to destinations, decidedly more delightful,
determined to desert dedicated commuters,
duteously devoted to doing daily duties,
despite the disagreeable days December spawns.
Derelicts, dolts, drunkards, young and old,
doze fitfully in drab December’s diurnal cold.
Daringly defying dangers of devilish days ahead,
some die from winter’s deadly, diabolical demands.
Dozens depressed, dejected, deeply distressed:
dead-beat ‘down and outs’ dispirited, demoralised,
descend deeper into decline, denouncing charity!
Desperately doughty they may be, but dignity
deems they defiantly deny duplicitous deeds!
Detesting duty driven, double-dealing doyens,
deans, dukes, duchesses, dowagers and despots,
devotedly doing deeds they regard as decidedly desired
by the deprived! Most are duly disregarded and damned
by delinquents: the disreputable, dysfunctional denizens
of downtown dirty streets. Such deviants despise the
determined decisions which direct and dissuade,
by deed and diatribe, their disposition to drift directionless
through their days. Dogmatically, determined to dodge
and duck duty, and demands they deem detestable,
displaced persons deplore ‘do-good’ disciples and
disciplines considered desirable, without debate.
Dressed for Xmas, December decorations definitely
delight dowdy, dated and demode dames. Damsels
debutantes and daughters decked out in dynamic
dynastic Dickensian dresses, dance daintily with debonaire
Dons in dazzling dramatic displays, Dense, dozy, dated
deluded dudes, demonstrate despicable dramatic moves,
disturbing dumfounded doting Dads, who detest and distrust
such desperate devilish deeds. Downing dangerous drugs
demonstrate disregarded dosages can debilitate and destroy!
Doubtless daily diversities are a dilemma duly debated,
after dining and drinks, in discussions deep and deliberate!
Detecting a damaged dirigible descending dangerously,
Denis - a dedicated dowser, decides to depart directly! December declared done!
Disporting a diverting “D” alliteration, was definitively and delightfully delusionary fun!

Rhymer. December 1st, 2015.

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