The Lone Wolf

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The lone wolf, one who stealthily prowls
There is muted hatred, silent growls
Callously chilling, cold blood in the veins
Embarks on another, of his terror campaigns

Quiet as a mouse, doesn’t utter a sound
A very deep thinker, he is so profound
Forever alert, not a moment to lose
Location surveyed, just where to choose

Smoothly blends in, attention does not attract
Bombshells carefully, with explosives are packed
He looks at his watch, the time is not right
The streets are empty, and the night is quiet

Patience is a virtue, so he was often told
As he sits there waiting, in the freezing cold
Anticipating, when his moment arrives
All hell lets loose, no one survives

A cigarette is lit, and he deeply inhales
His mission complete, he never fails
Slips into the shadows, just a trail of smoke
Disappears and is gone, at the wave of his cloak

The lone wolf, we must simply track down
In every city, across every town
He lusts for destruction, as his prize is life
Be it bomb or bullet, or the sharp blade of a knife

In the name of God, they claim to work
These people are brainwashed, have gone berserk
Their aim is to frighten, create panic and fear
And to their cause, they are so sincere

But this sincerity is something, which is very ill placed
A problem that we, the world have faced
For far too long, and we can take it no more
No more repeats, of what’s happened before

New York’s twin towers, and Bali’s night club
Tunisia’s beach, a tourist hub
The attacks on London, and the Paris aftermath
Evil atrocities, a bloody bloodbath

Retaliatory acts, an unnecessary scene
Where East meets West and all are unclean
The West has eyes, it seems only for oil
But the East fights back, their plans does spoil

The West continue to bomb, IS from the sky
But upon their judgement, can we still rely
Without boots on the ground, we will not succeed
Military commanders, do often plead

But with all their experience, they are still ignored
The coalition attacks, are badly flawed
So the East is upset, at the intrusive West
So they send their man, with a mind possessed

The lone wolf, his mission to maim and kill
He will do what he can, with all of his will
If he can escape, he’ll come back for more
New murderous venues, he will explore

These are shocking times, no real precedent
We cannot give up, and we must not relent
Remain alert, perhaps even suspicious of all
Try not to take, your eye off the ball

Report to the police, or security staff
This is no game, no matter to laugh
Throw caution to the wind, stand strong on your feet
And maybe just maybe, this evil we’ll beat

As for the leaders, our supposed piers
There’s no coming from me, the glorious three cheers
Yes we must the enemy, of course IS defeat
So why don’t you listen, to the man on the street

It can only succeed, if the ground is taken
And the soldiers will rudely, IS awaken
Slowly but surely, they will control assume
And maybe normality, can then resume

But if you just keep bombing, you will invite
Trouble on the streets, perhaps overnight
Blood will be shed, and lives will be lost
Western Foreign Policy, what a tragic cost.

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