Losing My Head

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

My emotions are racing, as my eyes well up with tears
Problems I’m facing, I cannot workout my fears
Hairs on my skin, stand up like soldiers saluting
The fight within, is the one I’m still disputing

A backbone cracking, my courage replaced by weakness
Confidence lacking, a giant reduced to meekness
Used to speak out so much, but the tongue deftly ripped out
Now so out of touch, a solemn and silent shout

My spine it shivers, the breakdown begins to start
Arrows from quivers, pierce straight into my heart
Blood it bleeds, although the skin remains unbroken
My conscience feeds, upon those words that are unspoken

I look straight ahead, to the horizon and beyond
See the hope is dead, belief does slowly abscond
The clouds are dark, as the night does move and creep
Future is stark, but my worries refuse to sleep

At the flick of a switch, the tears begin to flow
My palms they itch, depression it starts to grow
Alone I stand, in my world of solitude
Normality banned, corruption is sadly viewed

What starts me off, is a discovery I have not found
Like Vincent Van Gough, I struggle to hear a sound
The noises within, on emotions they trample and tread
Like Anne Boelyn, another who lost her head

Slightly mad I’m going, my emotions are running riot
Out the pram I’m throwing, all my toys with things not quiet
My head is confused, control has run out of steam
Dignity bruised, a cruel and evil regime

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