It Could Happen To Us All

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

It is a tragic truth, it is a shameless fact
That society indeed, has completely cracked
Compassion and caring, out of the window have leapt
On the street the man, through the night has slept

Derelict buildings, deserted corridors
No mattress or heating, just sleeping on floors
Struggling with hunger, feelings turn numb
Constantly abused, referred to as scum

He isn’t too clean, dirty fingernails
Cigarette between lips, he deeply inhales
No fingers on gloves, flat cap on his head
Bruises through fighting, deep scratches which bled

The soles to his shoes, they’ve ebbed and are worn
His jeans are filthy, the old coat is torn
The stubble on his chin, grows quickly to beard
Hope in his eyes, slowly disappeared

He moves to the inner city, there’s more people there
A much better chance, to find someone who’ll care
At the station he sits, as the people walk past
From morning to night, first train to the last

Some throw him change, actually bend down and talk
Others ignore, they continue to walk
And upon discussion, it is quickly learned
How upside down, his life has turned

His home was taken, for regeneration
A local council, policy sensation
But low and behold, it got much worse
The private developer, property curse

So the man is homeless, thrown onto the street
The public toilets, are his en suite
He can’t get a job, because there’s no where to live
And the benefit agency, won’t benefits give

It’s a catch 22, a terrible tale
Where society did, to this man fail
He was so full of shame, and so full of guilt
Was quickly engulfed, depression it built

The natural elements, would their story tell
Temperatures dipped, as the snow it fell
He shivered and huddled, and tried warmth to find
But the outcome to him, was sadly unkind

As he closed his eyes, and he lay there still
It was clear to see, this man was ill
But with a little help, he could have survived
If he had not, been so deprived

All I’ll say, is think about this
Try not the next one, to walk past and miss
It’s not always their fault, and some are genuine
Be their heroic saviour, or perhaps heroine

And remember one thing, it could happen to us all
Where we all take that, untimely fall
It’s a terrible thing, to be left alone
This is everyone’s problem, we should not disown

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