Under Our Roof

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I thought the troubles of the past were buried and dead
But they then decided to raise their ugly head
Dragging up the past can produce tension and pain
Brutal times and an evil campaign

The ulterior motive was to create derision
Mistake on your part and careless decision
My name you slandered and through the mud it was dragged
Reputation demonised my energy flagged

The mind games launched were no surprise
As you did weave your web of lies
With the dagger you pierced and with the knife you thrust
Went hell for leather for me to bust

But from deep within the resilience I pulled
As my temper mellowed and my anger cooled
Took a stand and raised my guard
Even though things became so hard

And then you did the very worst thing
Into the argument did children bring
A callous move and a cowardly act
There is no doubt this is a fact

You have no backbone you’re a spineless freak
Really believe you’re on a winning streak
You’re the king of the cowards with actions reviled
As you prey on emotions of the child

You may hurt me and toy with my emotions
But you’ll never destroy to my children devotions
Through the thickest of fogs and the murkiest of mists
To keep their love I’ll take all the risks

If that means fighting you in a court of the land
I will shock and awe with what I have planned
To show just what you really are
How low you’ll go and just how far

You bully and beat you rape and punch
I hope you’re ready for the crunch
From a great height to the ground you’ll fall
The cries are heard as is the call

Time is nearly up and the final fence
A nasty tumble all your expense
You’ve had this coming and you will pay
I will have the final say

But the closing lines are for the children concerned
Who have clearly had their fingers burned
They’ll be given time with no persuasion
Wrongly involved in this equation

To work out what just was said and done
A bullet signed from smoking gun
The closing pages the final truth
Of what went on under our roof

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