The Money Lenders

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Mr Palmer, Mr Grainger and of course Mr Hooks
A cunning collective, notorious crooks
Top hats and tails, the shiniest of shoes
A life of crime, these impostors they choose

Treacherous, deceitful, above all underhand
Full blooded thievery, wickedly planned
Caring for no one, for no one did matter
Only themselves, did they wish to flatter

Mr Palmer, he worked in money lending
One set of rules, that weren’t for bending
A ruthless chap, a razor sharp style
Not the sort, you would want to rile

Then there was Grainger, a financial advisor
Corrupt and twisted, a charming chastiser
Convincing at worst, certainly sublime
A first class degree, in first class crime

Finally Hooks, the leader of the pack
A man whose face, if he smiled would crack
Diligent and careful, cautious but informed
At the sniff of a con, like a tornado he stormed

These men were dangerous, no possession of morals
If it meant making money, they had no quarrels
No thought for the victims, they didn’t exist
Guilty conscience, at once dismissed

He was in a mess, so to Hooks he would turn
If only he knew, what he would now learn
But desperation, means desperate measures
And Hooks could provide, these criminal pleasures

Hooks listened intently, it looked convincing
Pretended discomfort, constantly wincing
Then out stretched the arm, with a protective hug
Hooks had wound in, another mug

Go gather your cash, and don’t be a stranger
Come back to see me, with my colleague Grainger
He will invest, he’ll make you minted
It’s the easiest way, to get money printed

The would be investor, gathered his worldly wares
He was not nervous, he had no scares
Hooks seemed decent, had his interests at heart
But a fool and his money, are soon torn apart

Grainger sat, spectacles on nose
Like a king on his throne, a regal pose
He too listened, and did gently assure
That the investor indeed, would of his money make more

The transaction was signed, then the cash handed over
Luck of the Irish, the four leafed clover
The investor he left, he had breathing space
But soon unaware, would get a slap in the face

The phone it rang, and Hooks he spoke
His voice all cackled, almost a croak
Apologetic as ever, he was oh so sincere
His words they filled, the investor with fear

The diamond mines, in the far away land
Had not quite gone, as they had planned
A natural disaster, a massive earthquake
Had destroyed the mines, and their money did take

The investor was speechless, he fell to his knees
I need that money, oh help me please
I have bills to pay, I have children to feed
Hooks’ eyes lit up, it fuelled his greed

I really feel for you, are things that bad
He really acted, like he was sad
Worry not my friend, I have an idea
That will make this problem, just disappear

I have a friend, and his name is Palmer
He’ll steady the waters, make things calmer
We’ll get you the money, and things will be fine
It’s just a signature, on a dotted line

So the money was borrowed, Palmer he lent
The investor just had, to repayments consent
But this was when, there was a brutal twist
A lesson to be learned, one not to be missed

Over time repayments, did fall behind
And Palmer in turn, was not so kind
Demands were made, and if they weren’t kept
Threats delivered, and the investor wept

The threats soon turned, into actions so real
Wrath of Palmer, the investor did feel
Cruelly injured, bruised and broken
Money lenders’ rules, a law unspoken

A terrible tale, but a scenario true
Where desperation, took over and grew
Palmer and Grainger, and that man Hooks
An evil trade, money lending crooks

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