I Live Everywhere

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

In fancy of will,
Affectation of mind,
Child care & war fare,
I live everywhere ;
In loyalty of nationals
& cruelty of criminals,
In appreciation
& depreciation,
In deprivation
& self decoration
I live everywhere.
In love & envy,
Affinity & antipathy,
Beauty & deformity;
Around the self,
Within the self,
I Live everywhere.
But poet’s ‘my’
And God’s ‘I’
Live in salvation of
Suffering mankind,
Solution of
Affairs unrefined
& resolution of
Live together,
Love each other
& merge ‘I’ in ‘you’
I live everywhere;
In beings & beasts,
Virtues and vices,
Mind and soul,
On earth & in heaven,
I live everywhere.

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