Alliteration of "J" for January.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Jackanape January, jumping joyfully again,
jauntily justifies joy, at snow falling - not rain!
As Jason and Jack, jaunted by this snowy day,
see Jasper and Josiah, jubilantly joining in the fray,
just as John, Judy, Joyce justling round the fire
jovially toasted juicy chestnuts with Jeremiah.
Next with juxtaposed juggling, and Jersey jiggery-pokery,
Jerks Joseph, Jerry and Jerome, jumped into Joe’s jalopy!
Juveniles, Jude, Joshua and Julian, then made jests,
just as Jenny, Justin and Jose, jogged by in jogging vests!
But jurisprudence rules, when joining jitney sleighs,
so it’s best you jockey judiciously on cold snowy days.
Judged by July’s standards, January is jauntily jejune,
whilst Jasper jitter-bugs, and jigs jovially, in old Saskatoon!
Jangling jewels, Jasmine jams with jolly jacks and jocks,
sharing a juicy jar of jellied juniper jujubes. They in jaded socks,
jump and jumble, to jailhouse blues at the Jacobean jukebox junket!
As Judith joins June for a java and jammy doughnut - she’ll dunk it,
so my jumbled thoughts, compose my January’s alliteration.
allows me to compose, and justify my jocund fascination,
with the letter “J”, which starts the year and January, as is a ‘must’,
and justifies my writing with judicial jurisprudence - I trust?
Now I apologise to Jessie, Jethro, Jerry, Jarvis and Jay,
Jacob, Janet Josephine and Jane, absent from my alliteration “play”!

Rhymer. January 1st, 2016.
(I’m sure there are other names beginning with “J” that will be
pointed out to me! To them I also aplogise! LoL!

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