Real Life

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I always tried yes I always had hope
Always believed that there always was scope
To become the best, overcome the test
Of real life

They threw the puzzles dilemmas were sown
I sought the answers and the codes were blown
It was tired and tangled, all wired and mangled
Into real life

I felt the punches had the bruises to show
Ducked the bullets and the knives that they’d throw
It was corruptive and violent, disruptive not silent
This was real life

The bailiffs knocked as they came to the door
I had to hide so I slid on the floor
Was so full of surprise, scared to open my eyes
Welcome to real life

I found a girl that I really did like
So when the iron’s hot that’s when I’d strike
I bought her a drink, and began to think
What a real life

She took a look and her eyes she fluttered
Opened her mouth and these words she muttered
That she was a catch, and one that I should snatch
For a real life

My mouth it dried like it filled with old leather
You really could have knocked me down with a feather
Could be delirious, no she was serious
Crazy real life

I turned my back for I had to escape
She’d bleed me dry press me like a soft grape
Yes I had to flee, as she was not for me
Scary real life

I learned the lessons and completed the test
Forget the puzzles the bullets the rest
Just to watch myself, and maintain my health
This is my life

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