The Note

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I wrote a note, I said goodbye
With empty eyes, no tears to cry
I took my hat, I took my coat
The ship it sank, it would not float

Upon my feet, I slowly rose
Behind me, the door did quietly close
And down that long, that winding road
My eyes filled up, they overflowed

The phone it rang, number I checked
I let it ring, would not connect
I’ve made my bed, and in it I’ll lay
Note said it all, I’ve nothing to say

The phone keeps ringing, I choose to ignore
From that sinking ship, I’m now ashore
I’m far away, out of danger’s way
Note said it all, I’ve nothing to say

With hindsight being, the perfect tool
I realised that, I was the fool
I stayed too long, and I hung about
Should have found, a quick way out

The doors they opened, the chances came
The lights went out, expunged the flame
An escape route built, no turning back
A one way street, from a cul-de-sac

Although I’ve cried, I know for sure
With you with me, I cope no more
Of a sinking ship, I’m a castaway
Note said it all, I’ve nothing to say

Now all is good, and life is settled
With many issues, I have wrestled
The very best, of red-letter days
Read my note, see what it says

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