a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

My wife is a good cook,
I when appreciate her dish,
She often wears a love look;
Children when say, ‘tasteful’,
She appears more gracious,
Innovative and more mindful.
Recipe is women’s win game
To maintain control & balance
Over their kids, kiths and men.

My friend is a good cook
Who uses spices of words,
Flavour of fancy & feeling
To taste the dish of living,
To spread smell of delight
And to see everything right.

All arts prepare a dainty recipe
But the politicians are best foodie
Whose works, vets and verdicts,
Cook a filigree and a beauty
Which no potter & no painter,
No woman or any other writer
Can create their magical rarity.
Recipe they cook allures all,
Feed none but the already fed
& justify fair is foul & foul is fair.

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